Ph.D Program

Sl. No Students Date of Joining Date of Award Supervisor
Current Position
1 Vanessa Andrade 01.01.2008 21.09.2013 Kusala Rajendran Seismotectonics of the Andaman-Nicobar plate boundary and evaluation of the 2004 deformational and depositional features towards assessing past tsunamigenic earthquakes Fellow at Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services, Advisory Services and Satellite Oceanography Group (ASG)
2 Tania Guha 01.01.2008 21.09.2013 Prosenjit Ghosh Establishment of an experimental system in India to measure the mixing ratio and stable isotopic composition of air CO2 & Observations from urban and marine environment.      (Awarded IISc medal) Assistant Professor at Adamas University, Kolkata, India
3 Ravi Rangarajan 01.01.2008 11.06.2014 Prosenjit Ghosh High resolution reconstruction of rainfall using stable isotope in growth bands of terrestrial gastropod College of Health Sciences, University of Doha for Science and Technology, Qatar
4 Shazia Janwari 01.01.2008 12.06.2015 Sajeev Krishnan Tectonic evolution of central Madurai Block, southern India and potential heat-source for high-temperature metamorphism Machine Learning Engineer​,Nucliq Biologics
5 George Mathew Paul 01.08.2009 08.02.2016 Sajeev Krishnan Evolutionary aspects of Archean Kolli-massif, southern India: An Archive of crustal processes Assistant Professor at School of Mining and Resources,Nazarbayev University
6 Thulasiraman N 01.08.2009 24.09.2016 Kusala Rajendran Seismic Site Response Evaluation Using Ambient Vibrations and Earthquakes: Applications in Active and Vulnerable Regions with Emphasis on the 2001 Bhuj (India) Earthquake
7 Ramya Bala P 01.08.2009 24.09.2016 Sajeev Krishnan Evaluating geochemical proxies for paleoclimate reconstruction in tropical montane peat: a case study from the Nilgiris, Southern India DST-INSPIRE Faculty Fellow​,National Institute for Advanced Studies
8 Rahul P 01.08.2009 24.03.2017 Prosenjit Ghosh Study of the seasonal water cycle over the Indian subcontinent and the Southern Ocean using stable isotopes in rainwater and water vapor Research Fellow at National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), New Zealand
9 Ishwar Kumar C 01.01.2010 06.04.2015 Sajeev Krishnan Mesoproterozoic suturing of Archean crustal blocks in western peninsular India: New insights on India-Madagascar correlations Assistant Professor at Department of Earth Sciences,IIT Kanpur
10 Prasanna K 01.01.2010 23.12.2016 Prosenjit Ghosh CO2 Ventilation, hydrological cycle over the Southern Ocean and clumped isotope thermometry in biogenic carbonates Scientist-B, Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences (BSIP), Lucknow
11 Vinod Oommen Samuel 01.08.2010 01.02.2016 Sajeev Krishnan The crustal evolution of Nilgiri Block, southern India: A study on Archean tectonics and crustal growth. Post Doctoral Fellow at Dept of Earth System Sciences,Yonsei University
12 Ritika Kaushal 01.08.2010 17.03.2018 Prosenjit Ghosh Stable isotopic composition of rice grain organic matter as an archive of monsoonal climate Post Doctoral Fellow, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
13 M P Revathy 01.08.2011 24.06.2017 Kusala Rajendran Geodynamics of the India-Eurasia plate boundary from earthquake source models: examples from the Makran, central Himalaya, Burma, and Andaman-Sumatra segments.     (Awarded IISc medal) Research Associate at Geophysical Institute,University of Alaska Fairbanks, AK, USA
14 Swarandeep Sahoo 01.08.2013 22.12.2018 Binod Sreenivasan Improved laboratory and computational models for thermal core-mantle interaction Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Technology (ISM) Dhanbad
15 Yogaraj Banerjee 01.08.2011 22.12.2018 Prosenjit Ghosh Monsoon seasonality during journey of the Indian plate from southern hemisphere revealed using clumped isotope and stable isotope proxies in mollusc shell growth bands Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at National Taiwan University
16 Anupam Banerjee 01.08.2012 22.12.2018 Ramananda Chakrabarti Geochemical and Nd-Sr-Ca isotopic study of silicate weathering, crustal recycling and petrogenesis of carbonatites. (Awarded IISc medal) Assistant Professor at IIT Kanpur
17 Surajit Mondal 01.08.2013 21.12.2019 Ramananda Chakrabarti Assessing the potential of stable calcium isotope ratios for paleotemperature reconstruction from studies of laboratory-precipitated inorganic carbonates and modern corals, fish otoliths and foraminifera Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Saskatchewan
18 Srishti Singh 01.08.2014 April 2020 Attreyee Ghosh Investigating the role of mantle convection in affecting surface deformation and topography in the Indian plate and the India-Eurasia collision zone Project Scientist I, NGRI
19 Pallabi Basu 01.08.2014 April 2020 Ramananda Chakrabarti A geochemical, Nd-Sr, and stable Ca isotopic study of siliciclastic and chemical sedimentary rocks, volcanic tuffs, and authigenic glauconites from Proterozoic sedimentary basins of India Postdoctoral researcher at French National Centre for Scientific Research-Laboratoire magmas et volcans (LMV)
20 Benjamin Richard Fosu 01.08.2014 27.06.2020 Prosenjit Ghosh Stable isotope geochemistry of carbonatites: New insights into the petrogenesis and evolution Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Geological Survey of Canada, Quebec
21 Rahul Dasgupta 01.08.2014 27.06.2020 Ramananda Chakrabarti Geochemical and isotopic study of the Lonar and Dhala impact craters and jarosites from Kutch, India, as analogues to understand planetary surface processes Research Assistant at Freie Universität Berlin
22 Shaakir Shabir Dar 01.08.2014 27.06.2020 Prosenjit Ghosh On the spatio-temporal distribution of stable isotope ratios is the hydrological cycle over India and the Southern Ocean Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at University of Alaska Fairbanks
23 Himanshu Bhagat 01.08.2010 19.09.2020 Prosenjit Ghosh Seasonal isotopic variability and major ion chemistry of Cauvery river basin; Peninsular India Research Associate, Divecha Centre for Climate Change (DCCC), Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru
24 Claude Nambaje 01.07.2015 26.06.2021 Sajeev Krishnan Tectonic evolution and tin mineralization of the karagwe Ankole Belt, Rwanda Metallurgist at Trinity Metals,Kigali, Rwanda
25 Valens Hishamunda 01.07.2015 18.09.2021 Ramananda Chakrabarti A geochemical and Sr, Ca, Li, Mg isotopic study of the Godavari River draining the Deccan basalts Associate Professional Specialist at The Higgins Research Laboratory
26 Jyotirmoy Paul July 2015 20.10.2021 Attreyee Ghosh Understanding the dynamics and evolution of cratons Marie Curie Postdoctoral fellow, University of Oslo
27 Thanooja, P V July 2015 17.09.2022 Sajeev Krishnan Crustal Evolution And Tectonic Processes Of The Madras Block, India Post Doctoral Fellow, Kerala Chief Ministers Navakerala
28 Pousali Pathak 13.07.2015 25.06.2022 Prosenjit Ghosh Stable isotope and biogeochemical study of arsenic contamination in shallow groundwater at seasonal time intervals from West Bengal (Nadia district) ISRO Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Physical Research Laboratory (PRL), Ahmedabad
29 Sanchita Banerjee 01.08.2017 18.03.2023 Prosenjit Ghosh Clumped isotope thermometry for The reconstruction of ocean temperature for Cenozoic and Proterozoic time period Postdoctoral Researcher at Physical Research Laboratory in Geosciences Division
30 Shaikh Juzer Idris 01.08.2017 16.12.2023 Sambuddha Misra Constraining the lithium seawater mass and isotope budget: Diagenetic processes through marine pore water. Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University of Minnesota

M.Tech (Research)

Sl. No Students Date of Joining Date of Award Supervisor
1 Nayela Zeba 01.08.2013 24.03.2017 Prosenjit Ghosh Field and lab experiment documenting growth of microbes in an extreme condition
2 N Ghanesh 01.08.2013 24.06.2017 Binod Sreenivasan MHD waves driven by small-scale motion and implications for the Earth’s core

M.Tech Program

Sl. No Students Date of Joining Date of Award Supervisor
1 Dipankar Pathak 01.08.2013 Sept. 2015 Ramananda Chakrabarti Geochemistry of ordinary chondrites: A case study of the Dergaon, Pengeri and Mahadevpur meteorites
2 Anmol Jalali 01.08.2013 Sept. 2015 D. Nagesh Kumar Prioritization of Sub-catchments of Mahanadi Basin based on Geomorphology
3 Kaushik Reddy M 01.08.2013 Sept. 2015 Jai Sukhatme-Venugopal V (CAOS) Spatio - Temporal structure of the Boreal Summer Monsoon ISO
4 Rishav Mallick 01.08.2013 Sept. 2015 Kusala Rajendran Source characteristics of the Indian oceanic intra plate earthquakes and their relation to plate deformation.                (Awarded K N Krishnaswamy medal)
5 Ruby Saha 01.08.2013 Sept. 2015 Prosenjit Ghosh Computational Quantum Chemistry Calculations and its applications in Geochemistry
6 Sailaja P V 01.08.2014 Sept. 2016 Ramananda Chakrabarti Temporal variability in the aquatic geochemistry of the Godavari river
7 Abhishek Pariyar 01.08.2014 Sept. 2016 Sajeev Krishnan Microstructural, compositional and spatial distribution behaviour of urinary stone minerals
8 Kathiravan 01.08.2014 Sept. 2016 Prosenjit Ghosh Productivity and respiration affecting stable isotopes of atmospheric CO2 over southern ocean
9 Bitopan Gogoi 13.07.2015 Sept. 2017 Prosenjit Ghosh Carbonate Clumped Isotope Paleothermometry to Track Equilibrium / Disequilibrium Process during Deposition of Methanogenic Carbonate: KG Basin, Bay of Bengal.                      (Awarded K N Krishnaswamy medal)
10 Veni Sudarsan 13.07.2015 Sept. 2017 Sajeev Krishnan Spectroscopic Analysis of Pigment and Paint: Implication on Earth Materials in Mysore Paintings
11 Konark Maheswari 31.07.2016 06.10.2018 Kusala Rajendran Can the interseismic phaseof seismic cycle point to the great impending earthquakes? A study from Sumatra-Andaman subduction zone
12 Poulami Roy 31.07.2016 06.10.2018 Attreyee Ghosh Constraining mantle viscosity structure based on seismic anisotropy data
13 Srishti Sharma 31.07.2016 06.10.2018 Ramananda Chakrabarti Bulk rock chemical composition and strontium - Calcium isotopic analysis of (Indian) ordinary chondrites.                      (Awarded K N Krishnaswamy medal)
14 Nishant Chauhan 01.08.2017 21.12.2019 Kusala Rajendran Time-frequency analysis of strong-motion records by empirical model decomposition: A case study from the Japan trench
15 Gaurav Singh Papola 01.08.2017 21.12.2019 Ramananda Chakrabarti A study of the Sittampundi Anorthosite Complex using Petrograpy, Geochemistry and Inverse geochemical modelling
16 Viswanathan C 01.08.2017 21.12.2019 Attreyee Ghosh Analysing seismicity in India-Eurasia collision region based on large scale tectonic stresses
17 Luv Mehan 01.08.2017 21.12.2019 Sambuddha Misra Optimizing physical parameters of microbially induced calcite precipitation by Sporosarcina pasteurii and potential of long term calcite preservation in Deep Indian Ocean
18 Vaibhav Shukla 01.08.2018 19.09.2020 Binod Sreenivasan Application of Shallow-water Magnetohydrodynamic Equations to the Stratified Layer at the top of the Outer Core
19 Swapnil Mache 01.08.2018 19.09.2020 Kusala Rajendran Earthquake Source Characterization by application of Hilbert-Huang Transform to Strong Motion Records.                  (Awarded K N Krishnaswamy medal)
20 Pallav Jyoti Saikia 01.08.2019 18.09.2021 Sajeev Krishnan Metamorphic study on rocks of the Bomdila area, western Arunachal Pradesh
21 Satendra Kumar 01.08.2019 18.09.2021 Ramananda Chakrabarti An overview of Chromium isotopic variability in nature
22 Amar Jyoti Baruah 01.08.2019 18.09.2021 Attreyee Ghosh Evolution of geoid from upper mantle subducted slabs since 140Ma
23 Shaleen Rawat 01.08.2019 18.09.2021 Sambuddha Misra Lowering of pH of Arabia Sea and Bay of Bengal and its Future Projections
24 Adityam Rai 01.08.2021 16.12.2023 Pawan Bharadwaj Helmhotlz decomposition of multicomponent passive seismic wavefield using multisource approach.