Faculty Positions

The Centre for Earth Sciences, IISc, invites applications for faculty positions from motivated individuals with an established record of independent, high-quality research and commitment to teaching. Candidates with specializations in all areas of earth sciences are encouraged to apply. The successful candidates are expected to establish independent research groups, develop graduate-level courses, and initiate multi-disciplinary research activities. The centre prefers applications at Assistant Professor’s level; candidates who have made outstanding research contributions and are experienced in research guidance and teaching may also apply for higher positions. Prospective faculty candidates are encouraged to make informal inquiries with the Chair ( The Centre envisions interdisciplinary research to model solid earth and its internal dynamics, to understand processes that shape the earth and assess their impact on the geosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere. Through its research and academic programs, the centre aims to expand the frontiers of knowledge, provide quality education in basic and applied earth sciences and enable the use of newer technologies and skills to address both India-specific and global problems. Current research themes of interest to the Centre include paleoclimate reconstruction, isotope geochemistry, chemical oceanography, geobiology, metamorphic petrology, solid earth processes including mantle convection and lithosphere dynamics, magnetohydrodynamics.

Please visit the institute webpage for more details on how to apply for faculty positions. You might also find it useful to know that, since September 2015, IISc has adopted a new tenure system, details of which are given here.

Post-doctoral and Project Positions

We invite applications for post-doctoral and project positions from motivated individuals. For these positions, please contact individual faculty members depending on your area of interest. Applications with a detailed CV, synopsis of Ph.D. thesis, proposed research plan, copies of degree certificates, statement of purpose, and referees will be given priority. Successful candidates are expected to assist the faculty members in the implementation of his/her funded project.

Our Chair is reachable at for informal inquiries.