I am a Chemical Oceanographer with expertise in low-temperature isotope geochemistry. My primary research interest lies in reconstruction of past changes in seawater chemistry and climate. I utilise the chemistry of fossilised marine carbonates to study the past. On the isotope front, members of my lab group are working on lithium, boron, magnesium, potassium, and lead isotope systematics to address some of the outstanding questions in earth and environmental science. Some of the problems that we are interested in are: reconstruction of past changes in atmospheric CO2 concentrations across key intervals of climate change; role of reverse weathering in modulating seawater chemistry and climate; reactive transport of metals and metalloids in large river systems.


  • Paleoclimate Reconstruction
  • Evolution Of Seawater And River Chemistry
  • Non-Traditional Stable Isotope Geochemistry
  • Reactive Trasport Of Environmental Pollutants (Metals And Metalloids)


  • Doctorate in Oceanography, 2010

    Florida State University & National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

  • M.Sc in Marine Science, 2004

    Calcutta University

  • BSc in Chemistry, 2002

    St. Xavier's College, Calcutta